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Current Weather at Mt Beauty, Victoria (updated every 10 minutes)
Last Update : 15/08/20 10:40p
8.5 C
Today's Rain
0.4   mm
94 %
Rain Rate
0.0   mm/hr
7.6 C
Storm Total
13.0   mm
SW at 0.0 km/hr
Monthly Rain
19.6   mm
1010.2   hPa & Steady
Yearly Rain
600.4   mm
Wind Chill
8.5 C
Heat Index
8.7 C
THW Index
8.7 C
0.0   index
Solar Radiation
0   W/m
Today's Highs/Lows (Since Midnight)

High Temperature

Low Temperature

13.2 C    at   3:21p

5.8 C   at    7:01a

High Rain Rate

0.2 mm/hr    at   2:00a

High Humidity

Low Humidity

99 %    at   1:31a

80 %   at   4:25p

Low Wind Chill

6.1 C    at 6:05a

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

10.6 C    at   3:04p

5.6 C  at  6:42a

High Heat Index

13.3 C    at   3:17p

High Barometer

Low Barometer

1012.4   hPa    at   1:19a

1008.8   hPa   at   3:39p

High UV

1.6 index   at    11:05a

High Solar Radiation

545 W/m   at    11:18a


Real Time weather for Mount Beauty
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Explanation of Rainfall Data

DAILY RAIN - Rain accumulated since 12 midnight for 24 hrs. It then resets
to zero to get another 24 hr reading.

MONTHLY RAIN - Resets at the end of each month so on the 1st of the month we get a new month starting.

ANNUAL RAIN - Is for the calendar year starting 1st January. This updates
as the daily rain falls, then the month updates and this is then added to
the annual.

RAIN STORM - Displays the rain total of the last rain event. The figure
indicates how much rain has fallen since it actually started to rain - not
necessarily continuous rainfall. Note: It takes 24 hrs WITHOUT rain to end a
storm event then it will RESET to zero.